Friday, September 24

Är du, är min baby, eller är du inte?

My friends Sylvia and Saga at Syvias 25th birthday bash, which was themed The Prohibition.

I was gonna finish my movie analysis for Fashion Studies, but then I started compiling this list of my favorite jazz, great band and dance hall music. And then I thought, since it's Friday (best day of the week!) I wanna share it with you guys. So let's all get into the vibe of the Cotton Club and Golden Era Hollywood with this playlist, which I'm calling: Let's dance like it's Friday 24th 1939. I hope you like it!




Petros said...

Oj oj oj vad jag har velat göra en sådan här lista länge. Tack!

Lina said...

Åh, vilken jättejättefin blogg!

Emily said...

Petros - Varsågod hjärtat!

Lina - Tack va du är fin!!!

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