Thursday, September 30

Det är som minnena och visdomen i vattnet och våra själar var sammankopplade på så många sätt.

In my kimono getting ready for tonight.




Lisa said...

ditt röda hår är ju så himla fint alltså!!!

lavelle said...

Beautiful photos. I love your blog but every time I'm on your page I am unbelievably jealous of your hair - mine fades so fast how do you keep yours so vibrant? xx

Emily said...

Lisa - Är du finast eller? puss!

Lavelle - The fading color is a big problem with red hair, tell me about it! I dye it every seventh or eighth week at my hairdressers. Inbetween dye jobs I just use the Aussie shampoo for colored hair and the Aussie 3 minute miracle cream for colored hair. I've had to learn not to wash my hair too often though, just like every third day or so, because you lose so much color when you wash it. :)

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