Tuesday, September 28

De kallar mig för Clementine.

Hey, you! I have so much to do today, I'm off to do some errands. What are you guys up to today?




Evita said...

Hi Emily, I haven't commented before but now I just had to. Such a beautiful photo! Also, I love the way you translate bits from songs in Swedish for your headings, always nice to guess which song is it this time.

Not up to much today myself, perhaps a visit to Ikea to get some new bed sheets and the nice Swedish cheese and then some uni work.

Ha det sa bra!

❤Cate❤ said...

Wow what beautiful colours, I have that skirt to but I can never seem to match it up with anything.

Today I'm crafting things for my Etsy shop xoxo

Emily said...
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Emily said...

Evita - Haha, it's fun to see you've noticed my little headline thing. But I don't always, sometimes I just write what's in my head or a phrase I like.

I love Ikea so much, I'm sure you'll have a great time (and find loads of stuff you didn't know you needed until you found it). Kram!

Cate - It's the dress, not the skirt thankfully, so it's quite easy to match (I'm awful at matching skirts and tops). Dresses are the best, 'cause you can just throw one on. I'm gonna go check out your Etsy shop now! xx

Helga! said...

Gorgeous colours! Lovely pic,Emily!

Elise said...

Wowza! This is my inspiration red! I used to dye my hair bright bright cranberry red and one day went a little nutsy and dyed it BLACK. Now I want to go back to something happy and courageous. This is such an explosion of color and a great photo.

Like Evita I've not commented before today but this post makes me want to run outside and jump in piles of leaves. Hmmmm maybe I'll do just that!

lavelle said...

Lovvvvve this photo! The colours are amazing xx

Emily said...

Helga - Thanks darlin'! I love th colors here too.

Elise - I'm so happy you decided to comment, I love getting to "talk" to you guys, it mean a lot to me. I've had black hair too before, and man was it a mess to get away from (especially since I wated to go back to being blond, eh). Thanks for reading my blog and I hope I'll keep inspire you to go outside and jump in piles of leaves! ;D

Lavelle - I know! It's ivy covering the balconies of the house behind ours. I really love our new neighbourhood because it's covered with beautiful details like these. I'm gonna try to show you more soon.

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