Sunday, August 29

Hemma är när jag är kär i dig.

Photo from the series Home is where the heart is, from 2003. Photography by me.

Oh my, today has been the longest day ever! I woke up with the worst cold, and now we've been packing, sorting and carrying stuff all day long. I'm exhausted but also very happy, because we're finally done. We've moved out! Now, weirdly enough, Kristofer and I will be living in a hotel for the next couple of days before we can get access to our new apartment. I feel like I'm on the cast of Gossip Girl, hehe.
Now, I'm gonna tend to my cold and dream of wallpaper and paint.

Good night my sweets (and thanks for all your lovely comments, they made my day).




Petnoga said...

Emily said...

Ja, precis!

lavelle said...

What luxury living in a hotel! Make sure that you get room service!

The photo is lovely, I would love to see the rest of the series?

Get well soon


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