Tuesday, June 15


Oh my, the last couple of days have been so hectic! I was supposed to post this blog entry this past Sunday morning, but my laptop broke down. Then we got stuck on the airport on our way home to Sweden, and an 11 hour trip became a 15 hour trip. And when we finally got home, my internet was down. Oh, the humanity! Anyways...

On Saturday we took the subway over to 77th and Broadway and had a lovely breakfast at the Manhattan Diner. Then we walked into the Park...

The sun was shining through the foliage and it all looked very magical.

In Central Park every park bench is donated in memory of a loved one. Sometimes reading the plaques makes you want to cry.

We saw the flowers in the Shakespeare Garden...

...and crossed the park, passing the lake which was green, like pea soup...

...before we went to look at the Alice in Wonderland statues.

I wanted to photograph the statue, but it was covered in climbing children.

Then we left the park.

And went to visit the stuffed animals at wonderful wonderful (and scary) toy store FAO Schwartz. When I was a kid my mom and dad used to buy Christmas presents for me here when they were in NY, and I remember thinking of it as some kind of heaven.

The pandas were cute, but not as adorable as our own Panda.

I wanted to buy a jawbreaker but thought the better of it since I don't really like sticky candy and only wanted one because Dolores has one in Lolita (the second version). Oh, and because of the cult classic Jawbreaker, of course.

In the dancing section you can buy as many different tutus and leotards as you could make up. They really have, like, every color!

After spening about an hour at FAO Schwartz we walked behind a stylish girl and her cute dog all the way down Fifth Ave...

...and hurried to get to a bar that showed the USA-England game. We found Andy's, a burger joint with really awesome cheddar cheeseburgers and one of the coolest/scariest/most impressive waitresses I've every met. She would only refer to me as babydoll, how could I not love her? ;)

I'm gonna show you our last day as well, later. It was a short but good day. Now I'm back home in Stockholm, which is a city I love, but I must say I love NY even more. In the future I'm gonna live there, I can't really imagine living anywhere else. So, how have you guys been?




Catarina Lavos said...

your blog is really inspiring for words and photography, i love it!
my friend went to new york and only got back today, how weird! i would love to go there, when i have the money too i will, i think california first and then new york!
how have you got so many followers too? you must have some really good posts!

p.s. your photography again is amazing! what camera do you have?

Caroline said...

Really gorgeous photos! Absolutely LVOE the light in them. You are talented:)

Emily said...

catarina lavos - thank you darling! you should really try to go to ny, it's worth so much! next on my dream list is new hampshire in the fall. it might be heartbreakingly beautiful. i don't know how i got so many followers, but i hope it's beacuse they like my blog and what i do. i use a canon 400d.

caroline - thank you, that's so nice of you.

lavelle said...

lovely post emily. i really want to visit new york one day xx

Esme said...

Wow! I'm happy you had a nice time in NY! I went with my boyfriend this christmas it was so lovely! I love how nice they are ;) You're blog is so beautiful... so are you! Much loveexxxx

Emily said...

lavelle - you should! you'll love it!

esme - thank you! our next trip will probably be at christmas, because i really long to see ny all dressed up in fairy lights!

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