Saturday, June 12

Om vi bodde här, skulle vi vara hemma nu.

So yesterday we took the subway over to Williamsburg. Neither of us had ever been there before, so it was a little exciting!

Kristofer texted all our friends to tell them about it. Naw, just kidding.

I was very impressed with his shirt+socks combo though.

In Williamsburg all the houses are very pretty, kinda like this.

We walked over to Beacon's Closet, which is a huge thrift store. I tried loads of stuff, but nothing fit, except for the romper I mentioned in yesterdays post.

Then we went and hung out on these steps for a while, pretending we lived in Williamsburg.

If we did, I would have a bike like this one.

And live in a house like this.

After walking around for a couple of hours we sat down under this cherry tree and drank some beer and read The Onion and giggled.

And then we took the subway back home to Soho. Today is our last whole day here in New York, and I'm really sad about that. To be honest I was sad before we even got here, because I knew that once we arrived we would soon have to leave again. Now that time is drawing nearer, and I don't don't don't wanna go. It breaks my heart. Oh. Well.

Now I'm gonna go kiss Kristofer and take him for breakfast at Nick's Diner, then we're gonna go see the Alice in Wonderland statues in the park.





hannah and landon said...

Ohh, we used to live in the same building as Beacons! I'm so glad you enjoyed your time here in NY! Come back soon!

Laysa in the sky with diamonds. said...

thank you for sharing all those pictures with us. they're so wonderful. <3

Emily said...

hannah - jealous! ny is my favorite city in the world, i'll e back as soon as i can! thank you sweetie!

laysa - you're wlecome, i just wish you could e here with me! <3

Oley said...

beacons is a lot like Californias, American Apparel.

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