Saturday, June 12

Jag förtjänar inte dig, och så vidare.

Yesterday morning we took a walk up to the Park and then had some breakfast at Europa Café on Avenue of the Americas. I had a cheese melt that was to die for.

And then we went to MoMA to see the Cartier-Bresson exhibit, which was good but awfully crowded. I took a photo of Kristofer infront of a Picasso.

And then I took loads of photos of the buildings surrounding MoMA, like:

this one...

...and this one too.

After sitting down outside of Rockefeller Center to eat Sour Skittles and drink Cherry Cola, we went up to the Top of the Rocks.

Kristofer used the binoculars and this is some of the things he and I saw:

Afterwards we walked down to Union Square and had burgers and beer. I left Kristofer to run up and down Broadway to do some shopping, but honestly, I found nothing I liked. Nothing! Today we've been to Williamsburg though (of which I'll tell you more later), and I bought this really beautiful romper like something straight out of Lolita. Now we're gonna get drunk and hit the clubs. Later darlings!




tracey said...

Beautiful, classic photos, Emily. I love atmosphere. Especially the one with just the silhouette of the building. Magic. Pure magic!

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Ahhh! So perfect! The perfect photos, it seems like the perfect trip! I'm so happy for you guys, keep it up!!!

hannah and landon said...

You were in my neighbourhood today (williamsburg)! Too bad I missed you! You look gorgeous as ever :).

rosanguyen said...

Wow, I just love how you chose to keep these photos in black and white, it just makes the city so beautifully contrasted. I wish I could explore a city like this like going to the tallest building and looking down and around.

Emily said...

tracey - thank you honey, you're so sweet! ;) arenät you gonna come back to stockholm soon?

miss smog -<3 <3 <3 <3

hannah - oh, it would have been so lovely to meet you! do you have any williamsburg tips if we go there again? i know you have great taste, so i trust you!

rosanguyen - thank you, i hope my photos can work as a simulation until you can go to a tall building like rockefeller center...

Patrik Petersson said...

Shit så fina bilder :D

hannah and landon said...

oh yes! next time you come over email me (hannahandlandon (at) and I'll send over lots of fun things (and arrange for a date?)

Emily said...

patrik - tack tack söt!

hannah - yay, that sounds perfect! i'll let you know, i'd love to get together next time i'm here. xox

Laia said...

aww I love NY pictures in black & white! I hope you liked the Top of the Rock, I loved it! it's so funny that I was wearing my trench too when I went there hahaha

Caroline said...

Nydelige nydelige bilder!! Virkelig fint lys i dem, og stemningen er så spesiell og fin. Liker bloggen din godt:) Skal begynne å følge deg på bloglovin NU! Ha en fin uke videre:)

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how totally inspired I got throw these photos. Thanks a lot! In my opinion you have found the real New York in your pics, or at least te essence that I witnessed when being there. Can't wait to see more.

-Reader from Finland

Emily said...

laia - haha, that's weird! i loved the top of the rocks, it was so much better than i could've imagined.

caroline - jippie! tack söta fina!

anonymous - i'm so happy you're inspired, sweetie! thank you.

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