Wednesday, June 9


I'm here! I made it! :)

The first thing we did after arriving at the hotel, which is in the East Village, was to walk down to the closest restaurant in Soho.

We ate really good burgers and drank loads of beer.

And then we walked over to this little place on the corner of Bowery and West Houston St to have some more beer and try to shake of the jet lag.

I love just watching all these beautiful or interesting or crazy people walk by, it's so inspiring.

Not to mention the houses of course. I was hit by some serious nostalgia walking down Lafayette St, this really is my favorite place on earth.

After a couple of beers we crossed the street to Whole Foods and bought cookie dough, chips and fresh fruit. Now we're back at the hotel watching the Simpsons and trying to stay awake for two more hours (we've been up for about 19) before going to bed. I'm sorry if this is the lamest blog entry ever, but my brain is all backwards right now. Tomorrow will be so much better. See y'all then!




Laia said...

awww I just read your entry saying that you would probably be on the plane! I envy you :) I was there a couple of months ago for the second time and I would love to go again and again...

don't forget to spend some time around Williamsburg and the Soho, they're my favorite places! And the Top Of The Rock at the Rockefeller center offers an amazing view of the whole city, it is much better than the view from the Empire State, but make sure you go there in the afternoon to take better pictures of the skyline!

Have fun! :)

Emily said...

Oh, sweetie! Thank you for your tips, they're all already on my list but it's always good to hear they're worth while from another person (then I'll make extra sure not to miss them!). Stay tuned and I'll write all about it.



Miss Soggy Smog said...

YYYAYAYYY!!!!!!!!!!! Yay, Emily!!!! I love your pics, I've been to NYC a lot of times but your pics are soooo good! I love them!!! You seem to have managed to magically capture such timeless moments! I love it!!!! I am soooo happy for you!

You should go to Irregular Choice, it's at 276 Lafayette :)

Bianca said...

i sooo envy you! my last trip to NY is already 1 1/2 year ago..
looking forward to see more wonderful pictures though. have lots and lots of fun!!
best wishes

Anna W said...

åh! älskar att du bloggar från ny! hur trivs ni på st marks? jag skulle ha lämnat ett litet hemligt meddelande till er där nånstans. glöm inte brooklynbron nu (Ta F-tåget söderut från Manhattan till York St. och gå från Brooklynsidan över till Manhattan i skymningen). alltså. det enda jag gör är att sitta hemma och lyssna på alicia keys empire state of mind och längta till ny. men idag får jag åtminstone åka till london - alltid något! xoxoxoxooxooxxoxoxoxoxox

Emily said...

Miss Smog - Oooh, I'm gonna chek that out, we live right next to Lafayette St (my favorite street). Thanks!

Bianca - I will! It's been three years for me, and I've missed it soo much. I'm just so happy to be back.

Pani - Haha, vi tris bra, även om jag inte tror du och jag bodde på "samma" St Marks, om du förstår. :) Men det är mysigt! Vi ska åka till Williasburg en heldag i veckan och sedan promenera Brooklyn Bridge hem igen tänkte vi. Jag ska ta massor med bilder! Tack för alla fina tips, I miss you so much B! xoxo Little J

Anna W said...

men vadå inte samma? inte samma rum fattar jag ju, men... visst är ändå rummen sweet? saker jag åt från dinern i bottenvåningen: bagel med cream cheese, apelsinjuicen, cheeesecaken med cherry, nån svingod macka, pankakorna. ja, tror det var allt... ;-)

Lexy Mademyday said...

I know it's pretty silly but I have to say your nose is perfect in the profile pic of you!

Lolo said...

I love the building in the 6th photo.

Emily said...

sylvs - förklarar när jag kommer hem! wish you were here!!!

lexy - oh, that's sweet of you.

lolo - i know, isn't it just so beautiful!

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