Tuesday, June 8

So long och adjöken!

Film still from Woody Allen's Manhattan.

Okay, so when you guys read this I'm boaring the plane to New York. I'll see you later tonight, until then I made this playlist. I call it I ♥ NY, my oh my!, and I hope you like it.




Malin said...

Trevlig resa! :)

reckless daughter said...

Oh, have a wonderful time! I'm jealous because it's been a year since my last visit.

I wish we had spotify in the US :( I'd love to see what's on the playlist. oh well!

PS: I love that movie.

Emily said...

Malin - Tack tack!

Reckless daughter - You don't' have Spotify? But how do you live? Seriously though, I didn't know that! Next time I'll add the playlist in writing too, so you wont miss anything.

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