Saturday, June 5

I mitt fönster.

One of the best things about this time of year is that the lilacs are blooming. I bought some yesterday and then picked some more today and now the whole apartment smell of them! The second best thing is that you can buy cherries and strawberries in the supermarket. I pretty much live on them, even though I realized recently that they never taste as sweet as I remember from when I was a child. Sad but true.




Louis Duke said...

I love the tones in all of these.

June said...

Elsker den lille bambi-figuren! Kjempesøt! :D

Anonymous said...

Vilka fantastiskt vackra bilder. Man kan liksom inte skynda förbi dom. Man stannar upp och tittar närmre. Fint.

linnea said...

Så vackert!

Emily said...

Louis - Thanks!

June - Hihi, visst är den? Jag samlar på bambisar, i förrgår fick jag en ännu mindre direkt från New York!

Catrin - Tack, va fin du är.

Linnea - Visst är det?

rosanguyen said...

I love the colours that these photos come out as!

Maria said...

I love this. I love lilacs (so much!) and I love cherries (but mostly when they're in our own garden). nice blog!

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