Sunday, June 6

Att sova; att få drömma.

Today has been such a wonderful day of drifting about, walking around our island and then settling down for a picnic in the sun. Now we're gonna start packing, and plan the trip a little bit. *excited* This whole weekend has been great, I've felt so calm and carefree. Partly because I'm finished with school for the summer (still waiting for the grade on my graduate paper though), but also because we're looking for a new aparment, which feels so good. And I'm very content with my latest commission. And I'm very very much in love. I think this is going to be a really awesome summer.



P.S. I'm gonna "bring you guys with me" to New York, by blogging from there. No vacation for me, nu-oh. :) But that's only because your the best readers a girl could ever have. D.S.



This picture is so beautiful, really amazing.

Bianca said...

can't wait to go on that NY trip with you ;)
awesome sunglasses- and i really really like that new haircolor of yours!!

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