Thursday, June 10

Det som händer i New York stannar i New York.

This morning we tried to sleep in, to get rid of the jet lag, and it seems like it worked. At 8 am we got dressed and walked towards the Park.

At Union Square Park we bought some coffee and watched people walking their cute/scary dogs.

And people feeding the cute/scary squirrels.

As we walked on we passed a perfumes store that sold this - The Original Scarface Eau de Toilette. We loved it!

We walked passed the Park and sat down to have some breakfast at a little diner on 77th St.

I had the Belgian waffles with bacon and maple syrup. Very yum!

Afterwards we were high on sugar and decided to walk the excess energy off in the Park.

Future husband.

Then we walked back down Avenue of the Americas and passed the new Magnolia Bakery. We went inside and bought some Red Velvet Chocolate Crumb cake and Vanilla Bean cheesecake. I wanted to cry because everything was so pretty and delicious-looking at the same time.

At Strand's Bookstore I browsed the photography section and got stuck reading a really wonderful edition of Wizard of Oz. But then we had to hurry to meet up with a friend... Gitane's where the girls wear these pretty green dresses and the boys all wear blue worker's shirts. We had some beer and met up with:


Together we walked over to a little place around the corner and had some coffee.

And then I took Kristofer to Lombardi's, the best pizza place I've ever been to. Kristofer soon agreed with me that it was the most delicious pizza he'd ever had.

When we got back outside the rain was pouring down.

Luckily we had just bought an umbrella before we ate, and Kristofer posed with it (channeling Totoro) infront of our village psychic.

When finally got home we were soaked through, even though we had only been walking a couple of blocks. Now we're getting ready to go to a club, but I'll tell you that story tomorrow.

I hope you're all happy, where ever you are.




rosanguyen said...

You honestly looked like you had the most, moving around in the bustling city.
I've never seen a squirrel before, in my life.

Your meals throughout the day is honestly amazing.

Tiger said...

Ditt New York ser roligare ut än mitt. Mitt var mest svett och tjafs. Jag åkte nog med fel person...

lottis_lottis said...

Wooohhoo! What gorgous pics! Love everyone of them. The last one is very much "Sex in The City". The Pizza at Lombardi's made me hunger for one bite only, just one bite from that delcious pizza.I'm on a diet so one will be enough.
And wonderful memories from when we last ate there you and I.
We need to go back some day. That will be when you and K live there.

Lots of love and kisses XXXOOO/ Mami

miri said...

jösses vad dina bilder får mej att längta än mer bort från sverige. läser just nu just kids av patti smith och romantiserar new york lite extra. dina vackra bilder hjälper till ännu mer i den processen. ni verkar ha det helt fantastiskt.

Irène said...

I love your pics. They're so sensational. I went to NY years ago and I was very fascinated by Soho and Greenwich Village. It's lovely and charm to watch again that setting.
Enjoy your trip!

Laysa in the sky with diamonds. said...

I love your pictures!

Caroline said...

Så himla fina bilder, jag drömmer mig bort till NY för ett tag med pizza på hustak i solnedgången.

Laia said...

omg I can't believe it xD you had coffee at a place I had lunch the last time I was there!! check this entry in my blog: hahaha I didn't really like the food there because it was pretty spicy and I can't eat spicy food but that chocolate cake was delicious (L)

I couldn't try the Red Velvet cupcake at Magnolia cause they didn't have it but it is my sister's favorite (she lives in NY), they let us try the banana pudding and it was completely delicious, you should try it!

Lolo said...

Great photos! I feel like I'm there!!
Sounds like you're having a wonderful time :)

Emily said...

rosanguyen - they were some of the greatest meals i had! ;)

tiger - jag har ju varit här innan, kanske beror det på det, man vet vad som kan och vad som inte får missas. annars blir det nog lätt svett och tjafs!

mami - du är världens sötaste mamma. puss på dig.

miri - va glad jag blir att mina bilder inspirerar dig. det är ju dessutom galet lätt att drömma sig bort till/romantisera ny när man läser en så bra bok! (och ja, det har vi).

iréne, laysa and caroline - thank you very much!

laia - we didn't eat at good day (not my kind of food, to be honest) but the coffee was good. it's just so weird that we ended up at the same café as you! and i think everything at magnolia seems to be dangerously amazing... ;)

lolo - yay, that's just what i want you to feel! thanks honey!

reckless daughter said...

Cool pictures! I've been to Lombardi's ;) yumm...

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