Friday, May 21


Thank you all for your interesting questions, this was very fun, but hard. Here are my answers:

+ What my life motto is. Well, I actually have two. The first one is “it will all work out”, which I say pretty much all the time. It’s partly because I do believe that no problem is too big to solve (or work around, hehe), but it’s also because I think that thing mostly work out for the best. The second one is to try to drift aimlessly, as often as possible. What I mean is that I, and, I think, people in general should cut them self some slack and just try to be sometimes. To just take a book, maybe some coffee, and walk aimlessly through town by your-self is such a great feeling.

+ How old I am. I'm 24, but the romantic/emotional/cocky/insecure/irrational little girl inside of me will always be 17, I think.

+ Where I grew up. Well, I’m a southern belle really. :) I grew up in a small town called Växjö in the South of Sweden and I was 19 when I moved away from there. I will always love my hometown because it’s where I grew up, but Stockholm will always be my home. Until I move to NY, that is. ;)

+ What level of literature studies I’m in. Right now I’m writing my graduate paper for Literature studies II. I think everybody should study this subject at least one semester, because even if you might not plan to become a publisher or whatever, it’s so incredibly educating! I don’t plan on continuing to study this however, since I’m going back to studying Fashion studies this fall.

+ What I want to be when I grow up. My goal is to be a successful fashion photographer, and I would also love to be able to work with Kristofer (in my dream we live in a small cottage on Fårö, he writes long articles for luxurious magazines and I take artsy photos to go along with them). In the end I plan on creating my own agency concentrating on fashion photography. Oh, one day…

+ Who my favorite poet is. I really couldn’t choose. But if I have to say just one, I’d say Johannes Anyuru, because his poetry is like love and violence and concrete and salt mixed together. And also Håkan Hellström (to me he is more poet than singer).

+ How I succeeded in ensnaring Kristofer. Hi hi, this is a funny question because I really did do just that! But I think this story deserves its own blog entry, so I’m going to tell you all about it soon. What I can say now, though, is that he was my blog crush and that I was his, and that’s the short version of how we met. ;)

+ What I dream about in life. My ultimate dream is to live in a loft in New York with Kristofer. I would take over after Grace Coddington at Vogue, but also shooting the editorials as well as styling them. Kristofer would write his next book and the walls in our apartment would be covered with books, there would be stacks of old Vogues in every corner and everyday would include a big breakfast and a walk along Lafayette Street.

+ What my education is. Well, I studied photography for three years in upper secondary school. Other than that I’m a self-taught photographer. After that I spent one year at an art school here in Stockholm. Then I went on to study Fashion studies at Stockholm University, where I now study Literature studies. This fall I’m going to take my bachelor in Fashion studies, and then maybe a Master as well.

+ What my biggest inspiration is. I’m inspired by so many things! Whenever I get this question I always forget to mention at least ten things, but here are some of them in no particular order: music with amazing lyrics (like Why or Håkan Hellström for example), literature (especially books from my childhood and teens), fashion and the idea of fashion, my friends, Stockholm, amazing views, movies, 20’s to 50’s-aestetics, New York, my boyfriend, poetry, memories, words.

+ What other things I like to do other than photography. Well, I love to drift/walk aimlessly, but this you already know. I love to read, I read a lot! Also, I draw a lot, and paint, but I’ve always preferred photography because it’s so much quicker. : ) And I hang out with my friends of course, the best friends a girl could have. When Kristofer is free I love going on adventures with his.

+ Which color I used when I dyed me hair the first time, when it was a lighter red. I dye my hair at a salon, but I do know the brand my hairdresser uses is Loréal.

+ What music I listen to. Oh my, this is a though one. Northern soul, country and Swedish hip hop mostly. But I love indie as well, like Belle and Sebastian, Markus Krunegård, She&Him, Vampire Weekend, Florence Valentine and so so many others. I love music with lyrics that means something to me.

+ What camera I use and how I achieve the colors in my photos. I use a Canon 400D and a Diana Mini. When I process my photos in Photoshop I do a lot of different things depending on the look and feel I’m after, but usually I work with Levels and Layers, Photo filter and Hue/Saturation, among other things.

+ Where I buy most of my clothes. H&M, for sure! My wardrobe is a big happy mix of clothes from H&M, Topshop and thrift/vintage shops.

+ What my real hair color is. My real hair color is a honey blond, with a lot of gold in it. I personally don’t think it suits me very well.

+ What size clothes I am. I’m a Swedish 34-36, it depends on the store. In UK size I’m a 6-8.

+ If I ever wear jeans. No, I guess I don’t. I don’t like wearing pants at all (except for shorts, love them shorts!), but I do I wear slacks. I own one pair of jeans, which I bought in 7th grade. I love them, and still wear them as shorts, but other than that I don’t even own a pair of jeans. I prefer dresses and skirts because they’re less constricting and easier to style, I think.

Oh, gosh, it's so difficult to write simple answers! But this was fun, we'll do it again sometime. Now I have to hurry, I'm meeting Stina for beer at my favorite mountain. What are you guys up to tonight?

Later darlings!




Sahakiel said...

Aaaw it was so interesting reading about you; lovely!!
Ahoy, sailor!

reckless daughter said...

thanks! these were great. I often try to drift aimlessly ;)

Emily said...

sahakiel - i'm happy you think so, it was fun answering questions too, but very hard!

reckless daughter - good, it's what makes for the best moments in life, i think. :)

Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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