Tuesday, May 11

Det var fina dar men vi såg aldrig riktigt vart vi var.

Just trying out some new layer combinations, playing around in Photoshop is one of my favorite pastimes. I like the effect this combo had on my movin hand in the first photo, it kinda reminds me of an oil painting.

Now I'm taking my Canon 400D and my Diana Mini down town to photograph my day, the cherry blossom trees that are in bloom, and to hang out with Sylvia.

Later darlings!




June said...

Prettyyy! Jeg elsker bloggen din! :)

Lotte said...

You look verry beautyful here.

Emily said...

June - Tack, va glad jag blir!

Lotte - Thanks, and I think your blog is really nice!

Felicia said...

Du tar verkligen underbara bilder!

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