Monday, May 10

Den här förtärda stan.

When I go to central parts of Stockholm by subway, I leave my island by crossing a big bridge. It's special, because there are few parts of the subway in the inner city that go above ground, but going across this bridge you get the most amazing view over the city for about ten seconds. Then you've passed it, and you're underground again. I ride this subway every day, and it doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, night time or day, every person in the subway car looks up from what they're doing to see this view. I mean, heads are turned! So, I've always had this wish to capture it and I've been looking for the right moment. Ten seconds isn't a very long time to get it right. This last friday night I was on my way to meet Moa and Charlotte, and I was on the train going through some photos I had shot earlier in the day. When the train crossed the bridge the whole train car was filled with red light from the sunset, and the view was, like, insane. I held my camera up and shot three quick photos before it was gone (thus the blur). These aren't the perfect photos I want to take when crossing that bridge, but I still wanted to show you guys how beautiful the view is from up there. (The photo in the middle is from when I got off and walked over to Charlottes, that sky was really amazing).




Cain said...

Jag önskar jag kunde gå med dig en kväll och hitta, jag vet, det går inte, men det vore lite av en dröm..I´m just sayin it..

Ha en jättefin kväll...

Kate said...

What beautiful colours! Great shots. I think the blur adds a really nice touch to them too.


Nicolina said...


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