Friday, April 9

Tonight we're staying in to drink to beer, watch old movies and eat some really good comfort food. But first I had to practice my hair style for tomorrow, doing finger waves with the curling iron (because I'm lazy and hate leaving the house with pins all over my head). I'm not that happy with the result, even though it looks kinda nice, it's not what I was after. Maybe I'll just have to do them by hand tomorrow. Oh well. Now; beer! I hope your Friday evening will be just wonderful!




Lolo said...

I think your hair looks really nice like that!

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Emily, your hair looks freaking amazing. Like, amazing amazing. No, make that amazing, amazing amazing. I love it. And if you made it better somehow, I would add a fourth "amazing". You are so lovely. Have a great weekend and a fun night in!!!!!
Miss Soggy Smog

Cassandra Marie said...

Sounds like a great night!

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