Friday, April 9

Photos from my shopping spree with Sylvia yesterday. She's so pretty, I loved her outfit!

Today I've been all over town doing important "stuff", and now I just got back from buying decorations for my party tomorrow. The theme is "From Russia with Love". Partly because I love Russian culture and partly because my favorite burlesque club (the Hootchy Kootchy club) is doing a Russian night tomorrow, so we're all going there after my party. Perfect, right? It's gonna be so fucking awesome, I can't wait to show you guys my outfit and the decorations.




sashiko - saga axberg svensson hittar i kulturens omvärld said...

ooooh, the bike.... ooooh the girl. härmed utnämner jag julius till kungen av presenter.

Miss Soggy Smog said...

Oh my god!!! That sounds like the best and most fun party!!!! Happy birthday party and I cannot WAIT to see the photos!!!!!!!!!!! :D

p.s. Sylvia looks great! You both have this great "look", I'm not sure what I'm trying to say, but... iconic and timeless? So great.

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