Friday, February 12


Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue Italia 1992, model is of course the Kate.

There are three things in life I collect: views, porcelain bambies and old copies of Vogue. My Vogue collection runs from 1992-1997 as it is today, but I'm always on the hunt for "new" issues. I love love love fashion photography from the 90's, it's so brilliant yet (often) so charmingly tacky in its own way. I think this adoration might come from back when I started learing photography and the photo magazines we had at my school featured all these 90's fashion photographers. The photo that made an impact on me first was the one of Stacie McKenzie as Pippi Longstocking by Ellen von Unwerth and I'm still her no 1 fan, haha.

Oh, and we made the trip after all, very yay! So I'm probably running around, hip deep in snow, taking photos like a crazy person when you're reading this. But I've prepared loads of post for ya'll, and I hope you'll have a real good weekend!




reckless daughter said...

I love this Editorial :)

Emily said...

reckless daughter - i know, right? ellen von unwerth in my heart for ever.

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