Thursday, February 11

Glass-slott i aprilskyar.

This post was supposed to tell you all that I'm going away for a long Valentine's Day weekend with Kristofer. We were going to go to Fårö, one of my favorite places in the world (and of which I've posted photos many times), but now I don't know because it seems like Kristofer is coming down with the flu or something. So instead I'll use this post to show you these photos I took of the island last April, and we'll see wether we go or not (please keep your fingers crossed for us, will you?).



Madeleine said...

Nice photographs! De ser somriga ut :)

anarolka said...

I don't know if you guys say this where you're from, but in the US and the UK we say that those light orbs in photos are ghosts.

Your photography is so beautiful :)

Miss Soggy Smog said...

It is so so soooo beautiful!!!! So jealous! I absolutely have my fingers crossed for your lovely Valentines Weekend and I hope your boy is better soon. :) Cheers, Smog

Sarah and Madison said...

Beautiful!!!! I'll be jealous if you get to go. obviously, i'm hoping you will though :)

Emily said...

anarolka - haha, i know (i'm a real sucker for british "ghost hunting shows")! in photography they're called bokeh, but it would be so much lovelier if they were ghosts, don't you think?

miss smog - thank you so much darlin, we're actually going (i'm on my way there now!) so your crossed fingers must've helped! thanks! i hope you'll have a great valentine too.

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