Thursday, November 19

Jag fryser om dina händer.

Some of the best things about you:

+ When we fight, you never walk away from me.
+ You're the most unconventionally romantic person I've ever met.
+ You laugh at my jokes, even the ones that aren't really funny. And then you tease me about the unfunny ones.
+ You tell equally bad jokes.
+ You get the me in me.
+ And you smell like cinnamon and sun sweat and solitude.

Happy birthday, Kristofer, 30 years today!




Anonymous said...

Fan, Kristofer ser ju homosexuellt bra ut, jag tror du får se upp så han inte snappas upp av någon rik sugar daddy.

Emily said...

hehe, jo, men så länge jag är hans babymama tror jag det är lugnt.

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