Wednesday, November 18

I often have discussions with my friends about what to wear, or rather not knowing what to wear. And they all think I’m funny, because I don’t handle dressing myself like they do. The thing is, I have never been able to decide which style is me, because I love so many things. Like classic 50’s rockabilly, quirky Amelie Poulian dresses, grunge in all its forms, goth and so on.

When I was younger I went through all of these styles whole-heartedly, but none of them stuck because eventually I would feel like mixing it up with something else. So nowadays, what I do is I think of a character (mostly someone from a photograph, or sometimes created in my own mind) and then try to channel that look or feeling. Sometimes I feel like that for weeks or months in a row, other times it’s just for one night.

Anyways, I think it’s more important to wear exactly what you feel like wearing, to be who you want to be on that particular day, than to be fashionable. But that’s just me, I guess.



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