Wednesday, November 3

Rapunzel kanske.

Oh my, I think I got a little carried away here... Anyways, I'm getting my hair cut and dyed again today, like I always do once every sixth week (nothing diffent though). And that got me thinking about how many different hair styles I've sported during the last two years. So here's a little collage of some of them. I really prefer myself as a red head. Do you have a favorite?




Jenny said...

Gillar verkligen det mörkröda håret du hade på kortet med gul kjol och svart top. Men du är alltid fin.

Teres said...

du är sjukligt fin i bilden längst ner till höger.

Vanda said...

I like most the gums-, the beer-, and the camera-pictures of you, and the one ont he right side of the camera picture. :-)

Cat said...

Rött hår, följt av långt blont å en andra plats.

Lisa said...

så himla fint!

Malin said...

Åh jag tycker bilden där du har svart tröja med vit spets på är fantastiskt fin. En sådan frisyr skulle jag inte tacka nej till! :)

Cassandra Marie said...

I love how many times you've reinvented yourself just by changing the way your hair looks! I wish I could do that, but curly hair is a bit tougher to work with.

(Moon Face)

Lotte said...

I also like you best when you're a ginger!
Suits you verry well.

Love your blog

take a look at mine if you want to:


❤Cate❤ said...

I agree red is definitely your colour, I like your hair long to plus it means you can do more with it.

can't wait to see your new hair xoxo

Isa said...

Red head, definitely a red head!

bubble said...

I really like the style where you have blond long hair and black lipstick, but red is definitely the best!

Astrid said...

Det här är min nya favoritblogg och du har helt fantastiskt hår!

felicia said...

Alltså, jag älskar ju rött hår, så jag är knappast opartisk. Blont var super, men rött, gosh det är verkligen något. Du bär upp det fantastiskt. Jag blir faktiskt alltid lite avundsjuk när jag ser ditt hår. "Om jag bara vore liiite ljusare kanske det hade funkat..."

lavelle said...

I love this post! I like you as a redhead too, but as a fellow ginger, I'm biased! xx

Emily said...

Everybody - It seems like I've done the right thing by stayng a red head, according to you guys. ;) Thank you all so much for your kind words, you're all so wonderful!!! By the way, my real hair color is the one I'm sporting in the top left photo, as well as the one where I'm chewing bubble gum. And the funniest thing of all; the first hairdresser I ever asked to dye my hair red refused completely under the pretense that it wouldn't suit me at all. Hee hee.

Cassandra Marie - Oh, but all I ever wanted was curly hair! I love doing things with my hair though, it's the best statement piece I've got. ;)

Astrid - Välkommen fina söta. Hoppas du trivs!

Helga! said...


Johanna Af Apel said...

Så sjukt sjukt snygg du är, va. I varenda hårstil. Rött är underbart, men jag är förtjust i det blonda också. Himla snyggdam!

iris said...

I came across you blog by chance but... I already love it!
you do look amazing in red!
which bright red lipstick shade are you wearing?I have been looking for a color like that for months!!!
I am a red head too and I always have problems finding a suitable shade :(

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