Friday, October 29

Tjocka små pingviner och en isprinsessas käraste ägodel.

It’s funny when you realize how much a piece of clothing can mean to you. I’ve recently been thinking, fondly, of my first favorite dress ever. My mother bought it for me in Stockholm when I was about four years old. It was a cream colored jersey dress with long sleeves and a full skirt, and on its chest two fat red and white baby penguins were ice skating, making pirouettes. It was what I imagined an ice skating champion would wear, and so I called it the Ice Skating Princess Dress (with much reverence). I loved that dress so much, and mourned it when I grew out of it. And lately I’ve thought about how much that dress must have affected me; I still, to this day, love that “skater model” kind of dress more than any other silhouette. Also, I think it’s nice to remember the clothes that I liked before I learned about fashion, and became a consumer. Back then, as a child, I loved clothes based only on how they made me feel, and I would name them according to what they reminded me of. As much as I would like to still feel that way about my clothes, the magic of childhood worn off. And I still mourn my Ice Skating Princess Dress a little bit.

Now tell me; did you have a favorite piece of clothing as a child, and what did it look like, feel like?




Anna W said...

älskar det här inlägget! min favorittröja var en grön, långärmad tjock rundhalsad bomullströja som jag har på en miljon kort från mellanstadieåldern. den skulle helst bäras med ett rött plasthalsband, eftersom jag ville vara loella i pappa pellerins dotter. enda problemet var att min hår var vitblont och inte svart, men annars ganska likt! se länk:

Lucy, Dear Fish said...

I love this post! When I was little I used to have a sweater that I loved. It was navy blue and it had lots of multi-colored tassels on it. I used to braid the tassels together and play with them all the time. I loved it because my parents said it "grew" with me, it seemed that even as I grew bigger the sweater still fit me.
What a lovely story about your skating dress, how sweet!

Ginta said...

Your story is so sweet!
I still remember my favorite dress when I was 3 or 4. It was navy blue with some dark red sots and rain-deers. I loved to wear it with a patent navy belt. Navy is till my favorite color! So, I guess it have affected me too :)

Elise said...

Oof I can completely relate to mourning that favorite outfit. I was about 7 and was completely in love with this turquoise blouse with a sort of vertical belt embellishment and I would pair with turquoise parachute style pants. Every day. My mother would tell me "No, you couldn't wear it again". Not to be denied, I would stuff it into my backpack and change at school. The plan was brilliant until my teacher called my mother to make sure everything at home was okay and to ask why I was wearing the same clothes every day. Two weeks, you can imagine, yes?? :) I got stuck with the name Jolly Green Giant.

Cat said...

Så sött! :)
Jag hade ett favoritplagg när jag var 4-5 år. Det var en blå kjol i ganska stelt tyg och så satt det ett skärp i, som jag inte riktigt minns hur det såg ut, mer än det var i samma tyg som kjolen. Jag hade fått den i present av någon kompis till min mamma och min mamma tyckte att det var skitful, så jag fick bara ha kjolen dagar när vi bara skulle vara hemma.

Jag romantiserade väldigt mycket över pigor när jag var liten och i den här, egentligen ganska fula kjolen, kände jag mig som en piga. Att min mamma inte ville låta mig ha den när jag skulle gå utanför dörren förstärkte bara den känslan. Inte nog med att jag var en piga, jag var en missförstådd piga. Ännu bättre!

lavelle said...

I love your story!

I can remember a party dress that I had when I was about 6. It was a hand-me-down from a friend of my parents daughter and I wore it for the children's Christmas party at my Dad's work. It was bright pink, Barbie pink, with a black velvet collar, a sparkly diamante brooch and a full skirt.
I can only remember wearing that one night, and being so excited, skipping up to receieve my Christmas present off Father Christmas, my skirt twirling as I span around in circles


Emily said...

Sylvs - Du VAR Pappa Pellerins dotter, vet du! <3

Lucy - Oooh, I had a tassle shirt too, and I loved it! Thank you for reminding me. <3

Ginta - Oh my, you were stylish! I think that sounds like I dress I would love to wear as a grown up too. :)

Elise - Ha ha, that story is so hilariously adorable, I love it!!! Probably because it sounds like something I could've done too, heehee.

Cat - Underbart! Vad var grejen med att man romantiserade sånt egentligen? Jag älskade filmen Annie, och hade ett par skor som jag kallade för "gatubarnsskorna" eftersom barnen i filmen hade just sådana skor. När jag snörade på mig dem kände jag mig urban, street smart och cool som fan. Herregud liksom.

Lavelle - What a sweet story. It's interesting to think of how you can remember ceratin parts of your childhood because of what you wore, isn't it?

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