Sunday, October 24

Oh, maskerad för hjärtat!

Photography by Pierre Louis Pierson, 1856-1893.

One of the best things about studying Fashion Studies is that I'm constantly presented with new photographers and muses, and thus I'm constantly inspired. One of my latest obsessions is Countess Castiglione, photographed by French 19th century photographer Pierre Louis Pierson. She was this flamboyant courtesan who loved to dress up and make great entrances(her outfit as the Queen of Hearts caused a great fuss at the French court). She worked closely with Pierson to create 700 photographs depicting herself in different costumes, as different characters, and she really pushed the boundaries of the time by exposing her bare arms, legs and feet in several photos. In short: she was kind of amazing. I just love to think about these people who developed and inspired photography in the beginning, they remind me why I fell in love with analog photography in the first place.




Vanessa said...

Really amazing! And even under all that fabric, isn't it funny to think she was pushing boundaries just by showing her bare arms?

Jenni said...

Den sista bilden såg ut som det kunde ha varit tagen igår! Briljant! :>

Johanna Af Apel said...

Underbara bilder. Älskar mystiken och mörkret, åh.

Isa said...

Oh, i just LOVE old photos... They have something that new photos don't. I have been in the addict for the whole weekend, going through my family's old albums. I have discovered so many lovely things!

hej tristess said...

Underbar blogg du har!

Malin said...

Så fint när du berättar vad som inspirerar dig :) Jag har vidarebefordrat fyra små frågor på min blogg till dig, om du vill kika in. Hoppas du har en förträfflig dag!

Emily said...

Vanessa - I know! In the photos of her legs and feet her face has been cropped out, because it would be too scandalous.

Isa - Me too! I think it's really important for our generation to keep the analog photography alive, or it will go the same way polaroid photography has.

Hej tristesse - Tack fina du!

Malin - Oh, spännande! Det ska genast undersökas. Och tack hjärtat!

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