Tuesday, October 5

När man var liten föll man jämt, men nu skare va så jävla hemskt.

Eye color: Blue, grey or turqoise. I seems to depend on the light around me.
Hair color: Honey blond, sort of.
Right-handed or left-handed: Right-handed.
Signe: Aries.
Bad habit: I exaggerate too much.
Good habit: I’m a really good secret-keeper.

Color: Petrol blue and red, at the moment.
Candy: Salt liquorice and milk chocolate.
Holiday: Halloween, hands down! This year I wanna dress up like Poison Ivy.
Season: Summer.
Food: Tapas and everything with melty cheese.
Band: Johnossi or Belle and Sebastian, probably. But I could never choose.
Day of the week: Friday, the day of hope and anticipation.

Outside my window: The sky, the sun, the Fall.
The music I’m playing: Magnetic Fields “Kiss me like you mean it”.
I’m wearing: black slacks, black see-through polkadot blouse with bow, camel brouges.

Kissed a stranger: Oh yes, I’ve won a kissing competition.
Broken the law: Yes, well, it’s hard not to.
Been on TV: Yep. I was three or four when I made my TV debut.
Shoplifted: No, I wouldn’t dare.
Fulfilled a dream: Luckily, I have, and hopefully I’ll get more wishes.
Hurt somebody: It’s inevitable sometimes, I think. I wish it wasn’t.
Been hurt in return: Many times. That’s inevitable too.

Mood: Nostalgic, the Fall always makes me remember things.
Time: 10:52.
Lipstick: Ruby Woo.
Plan: To go to the University Library to find books for my Bachelor's essay on fashion photography and the recession.




angelica said...

väldigt fina bilder.

lavelle said...

I liked this post, it's nice to learn little facts about the people who's blogs who read every day


Emily said...

Angelica - Tack söta, du har en hel del riktigt fina på din blogg också!

Vanessa said...

When I was in college I was Poison Ivy for Halloween. That was my best costume yet!

Chelle said...

Your photos are amazing! It's also good to know a bit more about yourself :)




lottis_lottis said...

helt underbara bilder. <3 jag njuter som bara den

Johanna said...

Underbara bilder! Älskar tonerna. Är de analogt fotade? /Johanna

Emily said...

Vanessa - I love dressing up like comic book villains! When I was a kid I was obsessed with Catwoman, and wore my Catwoman suit everywhere. Now, my favorites are Poison Ivy (probably the coolest red head ever)and Harley Quinn.

Chelle - I wish I knew more about you guys too. Maybe I should have a reversed Q&A some time.

Mami - Puss!

Johanna - Nej, det är digitala foton som jag redigerat med hjälp av analogt material. Tack fina du!

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