Wednesday, October 6

Jag har varit i alla städer, letat efter dig.



New York.

When I opened my Venetian blinds this morning, I found that Autumn has finalLy come for real. It's a damp and chilly day out there, and it makes me remember the Fall of 2008, when Kristofer and I met. About two weeks after we met, we eloped to Copenhagen. I had the smallest bag with me, only two dresses, and it was one of the happiest times so far in my life. And that's why, every year around October, I have this sudden urge to drop everything at hand and just go away somewhere. Today when I looked out my window, it was there again, that urge. Now all I can think about is strolling through Montmartre, drinking chocolate in Berlin, thrifting in Portobello Road or oh, really, just going anywhere. Hopefully, one day very soon I'm on a plane somewhere.




lavelle said...

Oh I know the feeling! I really wish that I could just pack a bag and leave. I really want to drop everything and travel around Europe for a while - exploring Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Copenhagan and so many places inbetween.
Unlucky that I just quit my job and definately can't afford to go travelling for a while!

Emily said...

Remember that travelling somewhere after saving up for that trip for a very long time always makes it extra special. So, you really have something to look forward to. I hope you come to Stockholm, that would be so much fun!


lavelle said...

I will come to Stockholm and visit you one day! x

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