Monday, October 4


So yesterday I had a photoshoot with my best friend Cookie. She's gonna be a mommy soon, and we wanted to take some photos to remember this time. Here's my favorite photo. She looks so pretty, doesn't she?




Isa said...

Even in this kind of calm photo she somehow looks like a very lively person, full of energy!

Anna W said...

ÄLSKAR!!! snyggaste bilden någonsin! kan man vara lite hetare while PREG! gorgeous!

Amanda said...

oh so beautiful, just like you Beautiful!

Evita said...

Hon ser ju sa het och snyggt ut! Alskar dina bilder, btw, de ar alltid sa fina och vackra.

❤Cate❤ said...

So beautiful, motherhood looks so well on her <3

Emily said...

Isa - Haha, that is SO TRUE. No one is so full of life as my Cookie.

Sylvs - Tack finaste! *ba önskar att man blir ett så snyggt preggo*

Amanda - <3

Evita - Tack rara du, och ja, det gör hon verkligen!

Cate - I know, she's gonna be the best mom, too.

lottis_lottis said...

Mami lovse dis pic.

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