Saturday, October 2

Det börjar visst bli höst, men den är aldrig lika grym och svartvit som man tror.

It's been a while since you guys got to come with us for a day. So today was the day! This is what I looked like. Hi!

We walked down to the subway to hitch a ride in to the city centre.

There we met up with Caroline and Mattias for brunch at the wonderful Marion's Gastro Diner. We ate bacon cheesburgers (that were so-so, to be honest).

And the BEST milkshake I've ever tasted, and the reason we keep coming here; the Oreo Milkshake! Major yummie.

After sitting there for about two hours talking and laughing, Kristofer and I went to look at some clothes for him. I liked this shirt from Gant Rugger.

Then we fled the inner city 'cause it was way too crowded, and walked back home through Gamla stan.

I've lived here for about four years now, and I still never tire of this part of Stockholm.

It was so calm and lovely around the Estonian school. Made me think of Paris or something.

The trees were so beautiful.

Then we walked up the hill were I first fell in love with this city...

...because of this view. Kinda amazing, ain't it?

After enjoying the view for a while, we jumped on the bus back home, and now we're gonna watch This is England '86. Loves it.




Vanessa said...

Fina, fina bilder. Älskar Stockholm!

Windsoul said... always

Lisa said...

ser gott ut mums. fina bilder!

Anonymous said...

very nice pics.

Emily said...

Thanks all, you're so nice! <3

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