Friday, September 10

Vad har det blivit av mig, min sötaste vän? Alla jag känner försvinner på slutet.

Photos from the Cemetery for small pets, outside of Visby.




❤Cate❤ said...

What an interesting place, it looks so lovely. I've never heard of there being a pet cemetary before what a lovely idea xoxo

lavelle said...

This is quite creepy .... pet cemeterys will always remind me of stephen king .... xx

Maria said...

I love your photos of the pet cemetery. it's cute and sad in the same time.

Emily said...

Cate - Pet cemeterys are uncommon, I think, but this one is extra special in that it's very lovingly done with little statues of the pets and everything.

Lavelle - But I love that movie!

Maria - I know, isn't it? Thank you.

Barbara said...

Oh you've got a beautiful blog! definitely following :)

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