Thursday, September 9

Och du svarar cha cha cha cha, ni får mig vart ni vill.

Hey y'all. I was thinking about my post from Fårö yesterday, and about this summer in general, and decided that I wanted to do a recap blog entry. So... here it is. I hope you like it, and that it helps you keep the summer feelings alive in you hearts just a little while longer.

In May Kristofer and I had one of the best days, celebrating the beginning of summer. We walked all over the city, having two picnics and exploring parts of Stockholm we hade never been to before.

Then I went to visit my mom in Jönköping, and we visited the carneval.

In the mornings momy and I took long walks along the beach, and talked about life and stuff. My mom is the best, you know. <3

But the best part was going to New York, I think. I will remember that trip forever.

In New York we went on adventures evey day.

On one of them (in Williamsburg) I found my New York dream house.

Oh, I just wanna go back! Oh, well...

On Midsummer, Kristofer and I stayed in the city and celebrated by our lonesome.

And it was such a great day, from morning to night. We actually still refer to this day as the perfect day.

We went for a short weekend trip to Fårö to celebrate Kristofer's dad turning 60, and went for an excursion to the abandoned beach club.

Then dad came up to Stockholm with a new bike for me, so Kristofer and I started going on long bike rides. This is from when we went to Rosendal's garden café.

In the evening we went over Vasaparken and had pizza and wine with Sylvia, Julius and Jonas. It was a really great night, like when you were seventeen and hung out in parks every summer night.

In late July I went out a lot with friends and danced til the sun came up.

One day we went roof climbing in Gamla Stan. It was scary, but very very cool.

And of course we went to the local amusement park lots of times. I really love that place.

Especially this carousel, as you might know by now.

I mostly had my hair tied back with this blue ribbon every day.

And then we went back to Fårö for a week.

The weather wasn't always great, but the skies were as amazing as always.

We spent our days going on adventures (surprise, surprise), playing Yatzi and eating loads of good food.

When we got back I had some great photoshoots, like this one with my darling Sylvia.

I went on an excursion to find some good locations, and then there were more photoshoots.

And to end August, and the summer I guess, I went to Popaganda to see Belle and Sebastian play. I was sick, but it was really awesome.

And that was the summer of 2010. It felt short, but was also very sweet. The best part of it is that I feel like I made the most of it, and that is what made it so great. Now I'm looking forward to a beautiful fall, filled of hope and exciting things. I have a feeling it will be a very eventful time.




Ioanna said...

Lovely pics! Summer <3

The teddy bear pic is especially really cute. And I love, love, love your denim dress! And the white dress as well.. Hehe. You're style's simply gorgeous. :>

❤Cate❤ said...

Wow you did so much, it sounds like you had the most amazing summer ever xoxo

Frk.Festli said...

Dette høres kanskje rart ut, men du gir meg håp om at håret mitt blir lengre!

lavelle said...

I love this post! It seems like you had a fabulous summer xx

Emily said...

Ioanna - The denim thingy is actually a playsuit (and it's my all time favorite garment). :) Thank you so much!

Cate - Well, yes, in a way we did. But it went by so quickly that we never stopped to contemplate it, which I regret a little.

Frk. Festli - Haha, okej!

Lavelle - It was, very much so. :)

Lisa said...

vackra ni är och himmelskt fina bilder.

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