Thursday, September 2


A lot of people think that Stockholm University is ugly, but I always kind of liked it. It is ugly, but in a good sense. This is, for example, what I see when I look out my classroom window. Ugly-pretty, isn't it?




Anonymous said...

Hmm... it is kind of ugly, but the lovely pastel-y blue color makes it pretty!

Laundry Girl said...

Awww... I studied at Stockholm University ten years ago and recognized the place the very moment I saw your pictures. So many happy memories!

Emily said...

The drifter and the gypsy - Exactly! That's one of my favorite colours.

Laundry girl - Haha, yes, it's a place that kinda stays with you. My favroite part is, of course, the library. :)

Petros said...

Swedish architecture at its prime!

J said...

The first picture is very fascinating. And I love your other pics too, it´s that kind of photography I´m into (and I´m also studying photography and doing some photography stuff..though my blog is not photography blog) Anyway, I wanted to say you have lovely blog.

❤Cate❤ said...

There are definitely worse buildings to look at, I love the colour of it it's pretty xoxo

Emily said...

Petros - Haha, yep!

J - Thank you very much, on both counts. :)

Cate - Like I said ealier, it's my favorite kind of blue. We're actually painting one of the rooms in the new apartment in a color similar to this one. :)

Kate said...

Really lovely colour building. Neat snaps.

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