Tuesday, September 7

Jag lever på sånt jag får för mig ibland, när jag går gatan fram.

As you probably know by now, Kristofer and I go for a lot of morning walks. These last couple of days I've dragged him up at about 06.45 a.m. to go with me, because it's so beautiful outside when there's no one else around. Luckily enough, this morning was incredibly foggy too, which I love. Here's what we saw:




J said...

Adorable pictures! Yes, there´s really something about photographing in foggy weather.

lavelle said...

these are stunning, especially the spiders web. so eerie and beautiful at the same time xx

Ginta said...

Amazing! That second photo is so ghostly beautiful. Water and fog work together so good! I love how fog makes everything a little bit fairy tale like, a little bit unreal.

Cat said...

Underbara bilder!

Emily said...

J - I know, it's so magical!

Lavelle - Thanks! It's times like these that I'm happy I never leave home without my camera.

Ginta - Exactly! It doesn't really come across just how thick the fog was, it was so amazing. I'm just happy I get to share it with you guys.

Cat - Tack rara rara!

Andi said...

These pictures are so gorgeous! I love how fog transforms everything.

Kate said...

Beautiful - fog just makes everything look so mystical!

Lisa said...


Emily said...

Andi - Me too, like someone pressed the Hold button on the world, kind of.

Kate - I know! Loves it!

Lisa - Du är så fin så fin! Tack!

Grethe said...

hemskt fagra bilder!

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