Sunday, August 1

Ta mig någonstans, vart som helst.

These are some photos from a couple of weeks ago when Kristofer and I went to Fårö. We're going back there for our summer vacation on Saturday a week from now, and I can't hardly wait! Fårö really is the most amazing, relaxing and serene place on earth, and I love just being there doing nothing. In the photos above we drove over to Kutens bensin, an old gas station turned restaurant. They serve the most mouth-watering galettes I've ever tasted. We try to go to Kutens as often as possible and just sit there reading (and eating!). Plus, when we're there this time the annual Marilyn Monroe Death Party is being thrown, which is gonna be awesome. And of course I'll "bring" you guys with me through the blog. :) But first another week in Stockholm, which isn't so bad either I guess. Now I'm going for a walk with my hubbie.

Later darlings!




Carys said...

These photos are so beautiful, I love them, that first one is amazing!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

RONJA [personal photoblog] said...

Snygga bilder! :) Du är duktig! Titta gärna in hos mig och kommentera mina foton! Intresserad av ett länkbyte? :)


Lisa said...

vackra bilder!

Rebecca said...

there's something about these pictures that remind me of 'Lolita' especially the little painted nails on naive florals :) beautiful

Emily said...

Carys - <3

Ronja och Lisa - Tack tack!

Rebecca - It's probably the roadtrip-qualities. And those nails are mine. ;) That's such a nice thing to say, you just made my day. Thank you!

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