Tuesday, August 3

Saker ni nog inte vet.

Ten things you probably didn’t know about me.

+ As a child I spent every summer on Mallorca, because my mom used to live there.
+ I work out in a gym three to four times a week and exercise pretty much every day.
+ When I started bloging in 2006, I blogged only about fashion but stopped because I didn’t like what fashion blogs started to develop into at that time. I still don’t.
+ I’ve re-read every Harry Potter book atleast three times, because they are such a comforting past-time.
+ I’ve done some modeling in the past.
+ As an alternative career I have considered: food critic, burlesque stripper, singer.
+ In average I drink about four to five cups of coffee a day, which I recently realized is considered a lot.
+ I moved to Stockholm to go to art school.
+ I’m a big Depeche Mode fan, and is very much in love with Dave Gahan.
+ When I was about fourteen, I discovered Belle and Sebastian, dyed my hair and started wearing a tiara to school every day. I still think it was one of my best looks ever.




Carys said...

Beautiful pictures, and I love the facts about you-I have re-read Harry Potter so many times too!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Laia said...

You're so pretty that I am not really stranged about you modeling, I would love to do burlesque too, well it's more like I think it'd be a great experience, but I don't think I would be good at it! haha

btw, it's so impresive that you do so much excercise, I should learn from peolpe like you.

Emily said...

Carys - Thanks sweetie. Harry Potter rocks! ;)

Laia - Oh, you make me blush! My dream is to be awesome at burlesque striptease, but I don't think I would be because I suck at taking coreography, hehe. And I do all that exercise because it makes me feel great about myself and my body, but I think everybody should do whatever makes them feel good about themselves.

Lolo said...

Interesting facts!
And the first photo is beautiful.

Claire * Lola Is Beauty said...

My first comment I think and it was Dave Gahan that got me typing! Must agree about his complete wonderfulness and also about most straight up fashion blogs. x

amaurosis said...

Första tanken är: jag vill se din Belle & Sebastian-look!

Evelina said...

du fotar fantastiskt och skriver så bra. alltid så fint att läsa din blogg.

reckless daughter said...

haha, I loved these!

PS: I need to start working out again. :(

Emily said...

Lolo - Yes, it's one of my personal favorites. :)

Claire - Have you ever seen them live? He's so friggin hot live.

Amaurosis - Det är så tråkigt att nästan alla mina gamla bilder från tonåren finns hos min mamma. Ska gå igenom när jag hälsar på henne nästa gång, så jag kan visa er!

Evelina - Tack så jättejättemycket hjärtat!

Reckless daughter - You should only work out if you like doing it, otherwvise, screw that. :)

Anonymous said...

Please, post some pictures from your past looks! :> You seem very lovely person xx

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