Thursday, August 26

Lycka a La mode.

Today I'm putting away my summer clothes and getting out all of my fall stuff. I love this feeling, like you're reinventing yourself yet at the same time you're just changing what's on the outside to go along with what's on your inside. If you know what I mean. Like shedding a husk, sort of. Yesterday I bought this new jacket, which I've been eyeing for a while, and I really think it evokes my state of mind just now.

Now, I'm off to scout a location for an upcoming photoshoot, and then: tea with a darling friend!




Isa said...

I totally get what you mean. I have been waiting for autumn for weeks! Now the mornings are cold but the day is still warm... But I think I can smell the fall! I can't wait to wear all my nice jackets, scarfs, coats, boots and cardigans. I'm definetly a autumn person.

Abi said...

How lucky you are! Here in Spain i must wear summer clothes 'till october or even more! :(

Abi said...

How lucky you are! Here in Spain i must wear summer clothes 'till october or even more :((( It's boring.

Abi :*

lavelle said...

I'm doing that today also! I love organising my clothes rail by colour and style for the season, then I can work out what I need to buy.

Laia said...

Aww Emily! I've loved your entry about how you met Kristofer and how you two started dating, how sweet, really.

I haven't felt anything like that for such a long long time! :(

Emily said...

Isa - Yes, I love when you can smell the fall in the mornings. It's all so hopeful and crisp. :)

Abi - Trust me, if I could have summer for a little longer I would be so happy. But the autumn is undeniable here, so we better just embrace it... :( But then again, we always want the opposite of what we have.

Lavelle - Exactly!!! Love that feeling.

Laia - Don't be sad about it though, darling. The feeling will come when you least expect it. <3

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