Tuesday, July 27


This past Saturday I was at Spybar with Kristofer and Oskar. We had a great time, and this is what I looked like. On another note, I was recently featured in the very lovely online magazine Ballad of... check it out HERE and read the interview if you wanna know who my first kiss was, or what I drink when I go out clubbing, among other things. :)




Vanda said...

Nice dress, I wish I was so young to wear this kind of dresses...
I am a beer drinker too, as wine gives me headache - it's kind of rare among women, isn't it.

lisa said...


Casee Marie said...

Such a lovely dress, and your hair looks amazing. :)

Jen Hammer said...

you are absolutely stunning! i love your dress and hair. i just found your blog today and i'll definitely be bookmarking it :)

Mira & Thilda said...

Vilken fin blogg du har!

Emily said...

Vanda - You shouldn't think about age! Age has nothng to do with it, it's about how you f e e l inside that's important. I'm just about sixteen on the inside. :)

Lisa & Casee Marie - <3 <3 <3

Jen Hammer - Thank you, and welcome darlin'!

Mira & Thilda - Detsamma!

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