Tuesday, July 20

Röda skor och strumpeband.

The first Christmas present I ever gave Kristofer was a pin up calendar I hade made for him, with photos of myself. Now I've been interviewed by cool girl Hanna for Sex & Blandat about how I went about it. So if you want a few tips and tricks on how to make your own pin up calendar, check it out!




Ella said...

Älskar håret.

Emily said...

Tack! Längtar tillbaks till luggen när jag ser den här bilden. Det blir nog lugg till hösten igen, det blir det alltid!

MMM said...

love yous pics... like their light it's so vintage.. actually don't know why but they look like as they have comed out from the seventies!!

have a look at our blog, you might like it... it's about fashion and cooking..


kisses from italy!!

reckless daughter said...

what a great gift idea! so creative :)

Laysa in the sky with diamonds. said...


Emily said...

MMM - Thanks!

Reckless daughter - I know, right! I'm so happy I did it!

Laysa - <3

Lina said...

Åh himla fint hår du har!

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