Thursday, July 8

Min sten ser ut som en bloddroppe, vad ser din sten ut som?

Today me and Kristofer are going roof climbing! It's gonna be so much fun, and hopefully I'll be allowed to bring my camera along too. Now, out into the warm summer day I go.




Carys said...

Beautiful pictures, what a lovely dress!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Linda said...

så fint! och Madicken-citat med.

Emily said...

carys - once again, an old favorite! it's actually about 6 years old and starting to fall apart, but i refuse to throw it away. it makes me feel like alice and dorothy wrapped into one.

linda - ja, älskaälska madicken! min bästis sylvia har en likadan blå ring som den jag har på bilden, så vi brukar alltid säga så när vi har på oss dem. ;)

Malin said...

Vad söt du är!

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