Sunday, July 4

Göm ditt ansikte.

Photography by Francesca Woodman.

After cleaning our whole apartment before the showing tomorrow, I accidentally tidied away the battery charger for my camera. So now I can't show you the photos I was gonna post. Instead, I'm gonna tell you a little bit about one of my favorite photographers.

I first heard of Francesca Woodman when I was seventeen and had to write an analyzing essay about a photo by a famous photographer. I had a hard time, because I couldn't choose, the ones I liked meant too much to me emotionally. So my photography teacher put a book in my hands and said "have you seen these? I think you're gonna like them." The book was, of course, about Francensca Woodman, and her photos had a great impact on me. There is such loneliness in them, but to me it's a sort of self-claimed loneliness. A strong solitude, of sorts. I like to imagine that she spent her time in her New York apartment photographing herself and her girl friends, creating a world that was their own. At least, that's what I see in her photography. I still get so much inspiration from her work today.

Unfortunately, after being rejected as a fashion photographer in New York in the 80's, Francesca Woodman committed suicide at the age of 22. It's very sad that she never got to experience the praise she got after her death. I would very much liked to have seen what she would've grown up to create. Still I hope you enjoy her photos too.

Goodnight my darlings.




lavelle said...

These are fabulous

That's so sad that she killed herself, she was so talented


Lolo said...

Her work is beautiful. I love the first two shots.
She's such a tragedy that she died so young. It's interesting to think what her work would've developed into.

Seanè Shalev said...

Brilliant photos, my god. ♥

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