Saturday, July 17

Att samla drömmar i fickan.

Yesterday the sky was this blue, so Kristofer and I took our bikes and went for a long ride out to Rosendal's Garden Café.

The green houses were all so beautiful.

And children were playing everywhere.

We bought sandwiches and blueberry and cream cheese cake, but we gobbled it all down before I got a photo. It was all very tasty.

I wore my best knee-socks and "new" Sookie Stackhouse shorts.

We went for a walk among the high hedges.

And then we got back on our bikes and went back home to change...

...there we go!

We met up with Sylvia at St Eriksplan and sat down in Vasaparken and had some wine and take out.

We sat under this tree.

Jonas was there.

And he was dressed impeccably, of course.

Julius lounged on the grass.

I kissed Kristofer.

And then we posed for the camera when Anna took our picture.

Sorry about the similar photos in a row, but I like them all and couldn't really choose between them.

We sat in the park drinking and talking and laughing the whole evening, it was totally awesome in every way.

And as the night grew darker, Kristofer and I got back on our bikes and rode on home. It was the best evening in a long time.




Rebecka said...

Så himla fina bilder. Du är grym!

Lisa said...

Vad fint! Älskar bild 2 och 4. Hamnar i min må-bra bildmapp på datorn :)

ponyhunter said...

what an absolutely perfect, summery day. i'm so envious, we're in the middle of winter here.

Emily said...

rebecka - tack, snyggo!

ponyhunter - don't be envious, you have the most awesome blogger alias i've ever come across! plus, your blog is lovely.

Galit said...

Enjoyed so much looking at your sweet photos, especially that it is sooooo cold and gray here at the moment. These photos look like stills out of a movie. So dreamy and beautiful. Maybe because, hmmmm, Jonas looks a bit like young Nicholas Cage... with a superb pair of socks...

Ioanna said...

Lovely pics. I love the atmosphere in these. Scandinavian summer is so beautiful - and you guys are such a cute couple!

Amanda FOTO said...

Oj, vilken fin blogg och vackert inlägg!

lavelle said...

looks like a lovely day!


Tuss said...

Så fina bilder, en fröjd för ögat!

Emily said...

Galit - Hihi, to me Jonas is more like Sebastian Flyte. Thank you very much for your lovely words.

Ioanna - Yes, Swedish summer rocks, when it's warm like it is now. And Kristofer sends an extra thank you just to you for saying we're a cute couple (he loves when people write stuff like that, haha).

Amanda - Oh, tack rara du! Välkommen!

Tuss & Lavelle - <3

Tox said...

Jag gillar din redigering, skön känsla!

Jen Hammer said...

such gorgeous photos! love your blog.

Evelina said...

Härlig dag. Förstår precis det här med att lägga upp "likadana" bilder :)Gör likadant. Tycker att bilderna förstärker varandra och känslan.

Carissa said...

your blog is awesome. definitely following :D

Emily said...

Tox - Tack!

Jen Hammer - Yay! Thanks!

Evelina - Ja, verkligen. Skulle kanske gjort en glicker-animation av dem istället, haha.

Carissa - oh, I'm so happy you are! Welcome!

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