Thursday, June 3


Fooling around with the light and camera yesterday morning. Now I'm off to do a photo shoot. What are you guys up to today?




Sahakiel said...

I'm going to a place from Barcelona where I must do about 200 photos (about restaurants, shops and their people) for a classwork... the final one!

The last picture is soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful eyes! I adore the second picture. It's very sassy. I always enjoy reading your posts, keep up the good work!!!! :D

lottis_lottis said...

So, so, so pretty my darling daughter.

Alicia said...

Så alldeles andlöst vacker du är!

Emily said...

sahakiel - ooh, that sounds nice. I hope it all went well. and I saw that sweet care package you guys sent to Sandra, very pretty!

anonymous - thank you very very much! I'm gonna try my best!

mami - <3

alicia - oj, tack! och jag gillar fasadfotona på din blogg (de från bryssel) jättemycket.

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