Monday, May 3

Today I feel a little bit like this:

So to make myself feel better I listen to this.




Alexandra Lily said...

SAME today was so cold, grey, and kind of depressing...a hundert of teacups late the world looked a bit better...sometimes I fell my mind stops working on days like this. I booked my flights to Stockholm. May 19th til 23rd will you be there?

Emily said...

Oh, I do hope you get good weather! I'm actually not sure if I'll be here or not, because Kristofer and I are debating wether or not to go to the house on Fårö that week. But remind me when the time comes! ;)

lily said...

ok will do...would love to go for a walk and check out some coffee or tea always write so lovely about them and I adore your photography. will email you before i leave berlin x (ps i'm the same person just logged in with two differen accounts...although i have a blog i am not into computers that much so excuse my lack of knowledge how to log in properly) xx

Emily said...

haha, that's okay, i kinda figured. :) email me when it's time, we'll meet up and i'll show you some of my favorite spots! that would be lovely.

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