Friday, May 7

Photography by Arthur Elgort 1991.

Some of you might know by now that I collect old issues of Vogue, especially the 90's edition. I do it mainly because of this kind of crazy/happy/silly fashion photography. I just love love love this old editorial. It always makes me think of my childhood, which was horribly/wonderfully filled with this type of plaid outfits. And I'm in total awe of Linda Evangelistas eyebrows! *nostalgia* You never see this kind of weird sillyness in fashion photography today, which really sucks.




tracey said...

I collect old vogues too! I have every US Vogue except two from 1994 to 2002! I can't bear to part with them even thought the huge stack drives my boyfriend crazy!! Linda Evangelista is so iconic of the 90s! And she's Canadian. :-)

Emily said...

Oh, I have the -94 issues, I'll show you when you come to Sweden next time. ;) I'm lucky my man is a newspaper man, he collects old mags too!

Nicolina said...

Åh. Så fina.

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