Monday, May 17

Men alla dina drömmar kolliderade.

This last Thursday we went to see the Swedish band Johnossi play, and it was so good and amazing and oh! These are my favorite photos from the concert.
If you haven't already heard their music, you can listen to my little playlist with their top 5 songs (according to me) here. To me their music is about being all alone in a big dusty summer city, walking the streets at night and wishing you had someone to call your own. And at the same time it's like dancing on a crowded dance floor, pressed close to a boy's warm chest and feeling like everyone around the two of you are movin in slow motion. Hurtful and wonderful at the same time, sort of. I hope you like it too.



P.S. If I haven't answered any of you comments since yesterday it's because Blogger is acting up and doesn't want to co-operate with me. I'll answer you as soon as Blogger will let me! Until then, thanks for all your sweet comments, you're all so great!


Cat said...

My god, vad jag önskar att jag inte hade missat dem alla gånger jag haft chansen att se dem!

Sahakiel said...

I love them, I love them! I hope that, if I visit Stockholm this summer, I could see them play!!

Emily said...

Cat - Jag förbjuder dig att någonsin missa dem igen! ;)

Sahakiel - Come! You'll love it here! Otherwise they'll probably be going on a tour this summer, catch them then.

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