Wednesday, May 12

Kastanjeträden var inbäddade i ett förlåtande dunigt ljus.

This past Sunday Kristofer and I took a walk through town to see this new exhibition. (It was really fascinating and interesting, I really recommend it.)

First we stopped by Kungsträdgården to photograph the cherry trees, but there was some kind of water skiing event going on so we left pretty quickly.

I've always adored this house, it's such a Grimm fairytale house.

This is an old nightclub from the 40's which hasn't been open in years. The house is really pretty and is built next to the amusement park, in the same architectural style. I always adored it, but now it's being torn down to give room to an ugly glass-box type restaurant, which makes me really sad.

This is one of my favorite views of Stockholm. Partly because I love everything that has to do with boats, docks, the navy etcetera. And also because in the background you can see the amusement park (those towers are actually rides).

So so beautiful.

When we arrived at the museum I had to put the camera away, because photographing isn't allowed in there (which they, rudely, made very clear to me). So I this is the garden behind the museum.

The best boyfriend.

It was a really good day.




lavelle said...

it looks like a lovely day

these photos make me want to visit stockholm even more!


smultron_tjejjen said...

JÄTTEFIN bilder på blommorna i kungsträdgården !!! :)

Bianca said...

thanks for this little city tour! i wanna visit stockholm so so bad, but new zealand and australia are first in the row..and since i'm staying there for one year, i have to wait til 2012 to visit your lovely city. wow, that sounds long.
anyways, love looking at those pictures! <3

Emily said...

Lavelle - You should! I'll give you the grand tour. ;)

Smultron - Tack hjärtat.

Bianca - I've never been to either NZ or Australia, but I hear they're two amazing places. But then you must come to Stockholm! Just remember to come aroun late July or eraly August, those are the best/sunniest/warmest weeks. :)

Vanda said...

I remember that night club, I did not know it is from the 40´s, but I just loved it! Now I understand why! It is marvellous, and it is so sad if get rid of it... Pity......

Laysa in the sky with diamonds. said...

I love to see your pictures every day. they're wonderful!

Kristin said...

Pojkväns-Krille har ursnygg jacka!
Vet du vad den förfallna gamla nattklubben heter/hette?

Emily said...

Laysa - You're so sweet! Thank you!

Kristin - Hihi, Kristofer hälsar tack! Nattklubben heter Lindgården och byggdes tydligen på 30-talet, inte 40-talet som jag hört. Att den ska rivas gör ont för mig att tänka på, fy! Du kan läsa mer om alltihop här:

sofia said...

nej! jag visste inte att de skulle riva huset bredvid grönan. skamligt är vad det är. jag var också där och fotograferade förra veckan. det innehar en sån ädr spöklik charm. så synd att ingen vill köpa och restaurera..:(

Emily said...

jag vet! lindgården har en speciell betydelse för mig och när jag tänker på att den ska ersättas med en glaslåda blir jag så arg så jag skakar. varför ska folk envisas med att ta bort allt det vackra?

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