Thursday, May 20

Från och med nu och från och med du.

Yesterday my darling Cookie and I went to Marie Laveau to celebrate that she and her boyfriend just bought a new apartment a couple of hours earlier. We had sirloin and sweet potatoes with smoked butter (my favorite), and talked for hours.

Then Kristofer came by and we all had some coffee and talked about ghosts.

Cookie always gets me into the best mood. <3

Then Kristofer and I walked all the way home.

We walked across the bridge and I just had to photograph the boats at the marina.

The smell of tar and and bird cherry was everywhere and the air was warm and damp.I tried to make time stand still, but it didn't work.

So instead I made Kristofer stand really still so that I could play around with the camera for a while (he's very patient).

And all the way home I sang this song. I was one of those great nights that I will remember from this summer, the first of many.



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