Friday, May 14

Anmäl oss försvunna.

Photography by Ellen von Unwerth for Vogue US October 1990, model is Christy Turlington.

Ellen von Unwerth has always been my no 1 favorite photographer, and these photos are partly the reason why. Don't you just wanna go to Paris, put on a striped shirt and cut your hair super short? I know I do...




lavelle said...

This shoot is amazing

My all time favourite film


Bianca said...

one of the reasons i read your blog every day is the fact that you always post these lovely and inspiring fashion shots!

*cough* hope you don't get bored as it is always the same old me posting comments *cough*

Emily said...

Lavelle - Yes, it's so wonderful!!!

Bianca - I put a lot of effort into finding these photos for you guys, because I want to show something beautiful, that inspires me, and that I haven't already seen on 10 other blogs this week. I'm just happy you like what I do, and that you "get it". ;) Thank you!

reckless daughter said...

this is amazing. i'm saving this for a rainy day. thanks for posting!

Emily said...

Reckless daughter - You're welcome! ;)

Kim said...

Go to Paris wearing a stripey shirt is actually what I plan to do next month (: As for the super short hair, I love how it looks on her.

Emily said...

Kim - Jealous!!!

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