Monday, April 26


Good things right now:

+ spending the day studying in the sun-drenched patio with coffee and some really interesting books.
+ being able to wear my spring jacket without freezing and my Lolita sunglasses to match.
+ finishing one job just to get offered another one straight away.
+ my readers. Really, you make me feel like I'm good at what I do even when I really doubt myself, and you're all so smart too. Thank you being here with me.
+ getting my first roll of film that I shot with the Diana Mini exposed (and which I can't wait to show you guys, but the scanner is acting all weird so I'm gonny have to fix it first, boo).
+ going out to eat with Kristofer. The thing is, we never run out of things to talk about so even though we live together out dates are always so exciting and fun.
+ 7 weeks left, then I'll be back in NY!




Moa said...

Vad läser du nu på våren?


Beautiful picture, just like all your others. I am so in love with your blog, everything about it is so pretty and wonderful!

Lolo said...

I took a similar photo a couple of weeks ago!

Bianca said...

well thank YOU for sharing your beautiful blog with us!
may i ask where that gorgeous dress is from?
keep up the good work, you're a huge inspiration!

Emily said...

Moa - Just nu, bäcker om maskeradmomentet och andorgyniteten i CJL Almqvists Drottningens juvelsmycke. Dvs jag läser bara böcker till min uppsats för tillfället. Men jag har en gigantisk hög med skönlitteratur som ligger och ropar efter mig på skrivbordet, och den som ropar högst är Sara Stidsbergs Darling River. Den verkar alldeles underbar!

<3 - Thank you so much, that makes me so happy.

Lolo - That is so weird! Your tattoos looks amazing.

Bianca - You're so nice, thank you! The dress is from H&M, actually. ;)

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