Thursday, April 15

Jag har varit i alla städer, letat efter dig.

Here's a collage I made from a recent photo I took of Cookie (her profile is so perfect!). I was a little inspired by Pierre et Gilles, their photography is amazing. I was thinking of maybe doing a whole series with "framed" photos like this one. What do you think, good or just old?




Kim said...

I have that skirt! (: I think it's a perfect collage. You should definitely do this more often.

lavelle said...

i love this.

and i am very jealous of your friends haircut, i keep daydreaming about little pixie cuts like this xx

Emily said...

Kim - That's my skirt, I love it but I never wear it because it's way too big for me. =( Thank you!

Lavelle - I know, her hair is so perfect! Thank you, I'm happy you like it.

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