Tuesday, April 6

I bought a new spring jacket! I've been looking for a short trench coat for a while now so I'm glad I finally found one that didn't look too bulky. Now all I need is to find a store that sell boater hats. I'm obsessed with boater hats. If any of you guys have tips on where to get one in New York, please let me know!




Judy said...

i found a ton of boater-like hats at urban outfitters. they are not as thick as real boaters but they have the same silhouette.

moa said...

Jättefint! Bra att du köpte den. :)

Nyrha said...

It is very lovely :)

Emily said...

Judy - Of course, why didn't I think of that? I totally love you now, Judy! Thanks!

Moa - Visst är det? Det fanns bara en 34 kvar när jag var där igår också, så det var, som jag brukar säga, meant to be! ;)

Nyrha - Thank you!

lavelle said...

I have that skirt - H&M?!

THe jacket is gorgeous. Try Topshop when you're in NY. Ours has a selection of straw boaters and trilbys


Emily said...

Lavelle - Yep, H&M. Unfortunately it's too big for me, but I'm gonny try to get it sown in because I really like it.

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